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Womens Yoga and Spa circles

Kate Bulman

21 Apr 2024

This is a monthly yoga circle for those who identify as a woman with the option to book the use of the secret garden spa facilities if you would like to experience the ultimate mini retreat to fully rest & reset!

Women’s Spa & Yoga 

This Women’s Spa & Yoga Mini Retreat in Bristol is the perfect way to take some time for you; to ease away any tension, rest, recharge.

You are welcome just as you are. Come alone and meet other like minded women (many who attend have become great friends through my classes) or bring a friend!

If you have attended and enjoyed my pregnancy or postnatal yoga classes, then you’ll love this!!

Each mini retreat includes a 75min yoga class and relaxation, the use of the spa with refreshments and snacks served.

The Yoga Circle

Something magical happens when women come into circle – we begin with a ‘hello circle’ – a chance to connect with each other, to share how you are feeling, to support without judgment, and a chance to pause to connect with your self and the seasons.

A slow flowing practice, we focus on breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system, restorative poses for relaxation, gentle movement to ease away any tension and build strength, with guided relaxation and yoga nidra at the end of each class.

We welcome into this yoga circle all who identify as a woman, at any stage of their life who is looking to support their health and wellbeing.

Particularly suitable for:

  • Women on wanting to support their menstrual health or their fertility journey, looking for a safe space to find some inner calm and increase their well-being; learning techniques to help soothe and calm the nervous system to help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Beyond postnatal (6 months +); enjoy some much needed you time and come along to rest, recharge and feel nourished.

  • Peri-menopause to post menopause; I will share a unique combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practices that have been specially adapted to help people manage the main symptoms of menopause. All stages of the menopause welcome including Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), Early Menopause, Surgical Menopause – everyone is welcome.


The Spa

As well as joining the yoga circle, you have the option to book the Spa & Yoga Package for the ultimate rest & reset!

The Spa is hidden away behind beautiful old temple doors within a secret garden.  Enjoy a hot tub, sauna and if brave, take a dip into the cold plunge pool.

  • Sauna

  • Epsom salt plunge pool, in a gorgeous up cycled whisky barrel

  • Hot tub, specifically chosen because for its three vertical liner jets that massages the entire spinal cord.

Whilst you are in the outdoor spa, someone will be on hand to serve you with a delicious selection of herbal teas, hand picked from the garden, plus a selection of healthy snacks.


Yoga Circle  – £20

Spa & Yoga Package (including herbal teas & snacks) – £55

Monthly, Sundays

Spa 4-5.45pm

Yoga 6-7.30pm

Future dates, Sundays: 3rd December, 7th January, 4th February, 3rd March, 21st April, 19th May, 2nd June, 7th July

To book your space, please visit

To book the package, please purchase as a pass and then select the date you'd like to attend.

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