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Please book classes with the teachers below 

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Please Book Classes With Teachers Below

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Holly Hill

Class: Pilates
Mondays - 9.15am 
Mondays - 5pm Teen Pilates
Wednesday 12pm
Friday - 11 am 
           - 12 pm 

Holly is a level 3 certified Pilates instructor with 6 years Pilates teaching experience.


Passionate about offering a Pilates experience that is fun and open to all, Holly’s classes provide great results helping to tone your body, improve core strength and help you unwind. 


Holly's love of Pilates began when she attended her first session seven years ago. The same passion is still there today and the ongoing benefits of Pilates are so important that it’s impossible to stop!


As an instructor Holly has extra qualifications in working with common orthopaedic conditions, Pilates for children and she is also pre- and post-natally trained.


As a member of CIMSPA - the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity you can rest assured you’re in safe hands as it is a requirement that exercise professionals are suitably knowledgeable and qualified.


Group sessions are Monday 9:15am and Friday 11am (there’s even a couple of minutes relaxation at the end of Friday’s session)

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Tom Llewellyn

Class: Kundalini Yoga +
Sound Relaxation 
Mondays  10.30 am 1.5hr  


Tom offer classes and events around the themes of meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, Sound Healing, Kundalini yoga and Creative Ritual.

Kundalini Yoga Tom has a 220hr+ Yoga Alliance recognised qualification to teach Kundalini Yoga. Tom is a keen practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and have had Kundalini awakening experiences.

Tom has h written two books, one on Kundalini Yoga and have created 24 online courses, which have a global community of over 23000 students enrolled on across the globe.

Would you like to learn how to awaken a primordial, transcendent, yet earthy energy called Kundalini? Come and experience the powerful yet playful practice of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is an energy technology that shows us techniques to access and integrate a primordial and powerful energy. Kundalini Yoga helps us to integrate polarities, make the unconscious conscious, and to awaken and develop all of the seven main energy centres (chakras) of the human system. During the class you will learn breathing exercises, postures and kriyas (a series of specially designed exercises) that you can use to powerfully enliven your physical and energy body. A Kundalini Yoga Meditation and a Sound Relaxation (Gentle Gong or Crystal Bowls) will also be integrated into the class. After the class you will feel more aware, vibrant, centred and relaxed.

Cost for the Drop in class is £15.

Hello, I am Lucy, I started yoga in 2000 to help me stretch and strengthen my body at a time when I was doing lots of running. I soon realised that yoga was not just about stretching, it was so much more. I always felt better physically and mentally after a yoga class so I continued attending. After years of regular classes I decided to become a yoga teacher, completing my training in 2017, and have been teaching ever since. 


My classes are open to everyone whether you are a beginner or already enjoy yoga. I include yoga asana and short flow sequences to strengthen and stretch the body. I also teach pranayama (breath) practice in each class to promote restoration and wellbeing.

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Class: 1hr Hatha Flow
Tuesdays 9am -10am 
Friday 9am - 10am 

Lucy Payne

Contact info for class bookings :

Ph: 07771 866367


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Christopher Gladwell

Class: Yoga & Breathwork
Tuesdays : 18.30 - 20.00
Starts Feb13th


Christopher Gladwell is a seasoned breathwork, yoga and meditation practitioner with over 45 years of wisdom and experience. He combines breathwork, yoga, meditation, embodied movement, mind mastery, and neuroscience to help individuals achieve optimal well-being.


With a background in athletics and a passion for breath techniques, Christopher's journey into breath training began at a young age. His interests expanded to deep yoga, martial arts, meditation, and biology, where he studied various practices such as Vedic pranayama and Conscious Connected breathing.


Christopher's expertise extends to psychotherapeutic modalities, body-based therapies, and a deep understanding of different meditative practices from Vedic to Taoist and Tibetan traditions. His teachings are rooted in scientific knowledge, and he emphasises the importance of the scientific method.


Throughout his career, Christopher has worked with diverse groups, including people with disabilities, those struggling with mental health, single mothers, trauma survivors, and corporate teams. He has authored numerous books on contemporary yogic psychology, sharing his insights on achieving resilience, joy, inner peace, and personal empowerment.


Passionate about creating a world of kind, aware, and caring individuals, Christopher believes that breath is the ultimate teacher, connecting us all. His online community and training courses provide practical tools for optimal well-being and collective empowerment.


Christopher's teachings have been described as transformative, liberating, and enjoyable. He continues to deliver coaching sessions and develop customised programmes for organisations, bringing his wealth of knowledge to help others thrive.

Contact info for class bookings :

Ph: 07786928458



Emilia Gzyl

Mindful Yin Yoga 
Thursdays 6pm 
Monthly Yin workshops

The class ‘Mindful Yin Yoga’ is a slow-paced yoga with yin asanas softly held for longer periods of time, 2/3 minutes. The passive nature of long held postures gives time for a much deeper inner journey to unfold.

Yin Yoga is the practice of floor asanas addressing deep connective tissues of ligaments, fascia, joints, bones and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerves and blood system. I am also using the tools of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to help to step out of automatic pilot and practice ‘being’ ( versus doing) in our bodies in the present moment. It’s a meditative approach to yoga promoting inner stillness and awareness.

Mindful Yin Yoga is a perfect compliment to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga – Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. welcome all levels of experience and ability to my classes, which are designed to suit the varying needs and interests of students. I very much look forward to sharing with you this wonderful healing practice. I’ll be also offering Yin Yoga workshops, Partner Yoga workshops and Massage workshops. 

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Kat MacLeod

1hr Power Vinyasa,
Thursday at 19.30

Contact info for class bookings:

Ph: 07481 777 372

This class is crafted in mindful, intentional movement and long, strong holds that will challenge and empower you. Each week you can expect a different focus so that, over time, you build full body strength and flexibility and learn to master the power of your breath.


I’m a Zimbabwean/Kenyan now living in the UK and a big believer in intentional movement, mindful living, holistic wellness and good wine. You’ll find my teaching style is heavily influenced by Baptiste yoga principles: it is clear, directive, pulls strong focus to the mind-body-breath connection, and welcomes anyone and everyone. I believe in making yoga work for you, just as you are.

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River Mace

Mondays 7th Jan 6 wk beginners
Wednesdays - Hatha Flow 17.45


Reset, Reconnect & Revive
An alchemy of traditional yoga practices, creative flows and fiery moments to remove stagnation and feel your most alive, connected self.

Guided by my own self study + practice I share what is most potent from experience so that in just 1 hour you can benefit from a full reset that will last beyond our time together.

We go slow, soft and fluid to support the smooth flow of energy through the body (really important during spring) maybe getting a little sweaty along the way but that’s optional 

You may also make some new local yoga buddies. What’s not to like. 

Everything is provided so just book your place and roll on down to @sensatespaandstudios 


Emma  Carey

Class: 1hr Pilates:

9.15 am 

Emma’s classes are fun, friendly and suitable for all abilities.

Classes are kept small so that Emma can tailor to your individual needs and ensure that you exercise with precision and control.

Pilates can help with:postural problems, back pain, shoulder problems, muscle imbalance, flexibility, stress and tension.

Emma is a level 3 Pilates Matwork instructor. She trained at The Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre in affiliation with the world-renowned Alan Herdman.

Leave Emma’s class feeling strengthened, toned, stretched and ready for your everyday challenges.

Contact info for class bookings :

Ph: 07834 967038


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Joanna Lambe

1.5 hr Restorative Yoga
Friday 6pm 


Contact details :

In Restorative classes we follow a gentle sequence of poses, mainly seated and reclining, designed to bring a calmness and release to both body and mind.

It is practised at a slower pace, focusing on staying in poses for longer, on stillness and deep breathing.

Restorative yoga supports and encourages physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

Joanna incorporates some simple breathing techniques which aid the release of tension, anxiety, pain and stress. 

These techniques also help to relieve insomnia.


* deeply relaxes the body

* stills the busy mind

* releases muscular tension, improving mobility and flexibility

* balances the nervous system

* boosts the immune system



"Restorative yoga is for everyone, not just those who are recovering from illness or injury.

My classes are both energising and deeply restorative, resulting in you feeling lighter and calmer as you walk out the door.

Beginners and more experienced are welcome, regardless of your level or ability.

I look forward to welcoming you”.




Helen Snook

1.5 hr Candlelit Restorative &
Yoga Nidra. Bi Monthly. 2nd and last Sunday of the month


Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. We also combine deep breathing, long holds of supported and modified yoga poses. Expect to use lots of props for a single pose that allows the body to be supported so the muscles can relax deeply. Restorative yoga was founded by B.S.K. Iyengar and was traditionally used to get your yoga practice when you were tired, sick, or injured.  It is now a popular style of yoga that supports the body to rest and relax when stressed or busy and you need relief from over activity. At the end of the session you can be left feeling calm, relaxed, and your body open and refreshed.

Upcoming dates: 

Jan 28th
Feb 11th
Feb 28th
March 10th
March 24th

April 14th
April 28th

Contact info for class bookings:

Ph: 07714009265 



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