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We are looking forward to welcoming you at Sensate, be it a for a spa session, event, treatment or class. 

Here are some questions that are often asked. If yours is not on the list , please don't hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help you.

Is the spa open all year round?


Yes, absolutely.  Come rain or shine. One of the best times to have an outdoor spa is in the winter!

We have an retractable awning that covers the whole of the decking for wetter weathers.


What are the opening times?


The studios are open 7 days a week

The spa is open Thursday - Sunday.  There are 4 different slots per day. 9.30 am 11.30 am 2 pm 4pm


How do we book?


The spa has 6 slots avalible per session.  The drop down menu indicates how many slots are still avalible in that session. So if is displaying 1, there is only one place left.

You may get the spa to yourself. It is just luck of the draw.

For private booking or for groups more then 6 please get in touch with us directly.


Can we bring children?

The spa for over 18's however if you would like to bring your children then private hire is an option. 

Are there changing rooms?


We have one external shower and one small changing area. We suggest you come with your swimwear already on so you can jump straight in.


Do you have hairdryers?


No, we don’t provide hairdryers.


Do you have membership?


Not currently, but it is something we will be looking into for the future.


Can I just use the Sauna on its own?


The spa comes as a package, so the session will include the hottub, plunge and sauna. With tea and snacks served. If you just want to use the Sauna, so be it, but you will still be charged the same amount.


Are towels supplied?


We ask you bring your own towels, robes and flip flops.  If you forget your towel, we do have towels available but there will be a £1 surcharge.


When I book the spa is it private booking?


The spa is a public space, there is a maximum of 6 slots per session.

If you want to privately book the spa you can book out  6 spaces. Or contact the spa directly for bookings for more the 6 people. Max 12.

Is there parking nearby?

Parking can normally be found on White Tree road, which is around the corner from the spa. 

Can we be naked?


No, unfortunately not, we are a cover your bits n pieces spa!


Does the gift voucher cover everything?


Yes, you can use your gift voucher against the spa, classes and treatments.


The gift voucher has not arrived, what do I do?


Its takes about 24 hrs for the voucher to arrive so make sure you leave plenty of time before purchasing or tell the recepient there may be a delay.


The gift voucher is not working when I put the code in.


Please check that you are putting  the gift voucher code into the section that says gift voucher, not where it says promo code. To do this you have go past the first page and by pressing the BOOK NOW button. You will find the voucher code section on the next page.

Can you buy a physical form of the gift voucher?

Currently we only provide the online option.  What people tend to do is purchase a card independently, print out the voucher and pop inside.

Do we need to pre book the treatments?


Yes. Sensate works with a varity of freelance therapists. Once you have made your choice of therapist, you can get in contact with them directly and book a slot.

Can my partner and I have a massage at the same time?


We currently only have one small treatment room so cannot offer dual massages.

We can offer 30 min massages each  whilst having a spa session.

Can we bring alcohol?


We have a no alcohol, no glass and no smoking policy.

Refunds and Cancellations


We have a  strict 24 hr non refundable / reschedule policy which covers all eventualities and illnesses. 

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