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The Ultimate City Escape

Sensate Spa & Studios

Fresh garden herbs
Japanese acer. Temple doors

Free Your Mind, Body and Spirit

 Enchanted Secret Garden, Yoga & Treatment Studios

Sensate spa and studios. Humming bird logo

Sensate spa and studios is an exclusive outdoor spa, treatment room and yoga/fitness studio, hidden within the city of Bristol.  Escape the hustle and bustle of city life, as you enter through the gate and step into the secret garden, past the bamboo, ivy, herbs and flowers.

The Sensate space has been designed with nature and curiosity in mind. Carefully hand -crafted and built from 80% recycled and up cycled materials, every inch of the place has its own story to tell, from the ancient Japanese acer, to the up cycled benches. The emphasis being on lush vegetation and artistic touches with sustainability being at the heart of its creation.

As you walk through the beautiful old temple doors, discover the small secluded outdoor spa area.  Enjoy a hot tub, sauna and if brave, take a dip into our cold plunge pool.

With only 3-4 spa journeys per day, and a maximum of 6 people per journey, you can be guaranteed that privacy, intimacy and exclusivity will allow you to switch off and indulge your senses.

Temple doors, handles
Spa, up cycling. Hot tub Plunge barrel
Braving the cold water plunge pool
Up cycle, old cart into beautiful herb garden
Hot tub fun

Well Being Spa Journey

Sensate logo

Sensate ‘perceiving or perceived by the senses' 

Sensate spa has been specifically designed to take you on a journey of detoxification and wellbeing. To give yourself permission to stop, breathe, and just let go.


In this intimate, exclusive, private oasis, with a max of six adults at any one time, you will always have space and privacy to just be, as the hustle and bustle of busy city life becomes a distant memory. 

It’s so blissful. I left feeling like I was walking on air. Lovely little get alway in Bristol to replenish the mind and soul 💗💗  JASMINE CLIFTON

An hour and forty-five minutes easily allows for two or three journeys to make the most out of your sensate spa experience.

Enjoy on your own or with friends, or hire the whole spa and garden for that special event.

Mint herbs
Secret garden
Garden blooming

It’s stunning. Felt like I was in a different country for a few hours.


'Had a wonderful, relaxing visit to the spa, what a hidden gem. All the facilities and equipment are new but it feels like it’s been there a long time, as all the plants, climbers and surrounding trees are mature, so its lovely and secluded. The hot tub jets were really powerful and sorted my aches after a gym session. The sauna was nice and hot, so I braved the plunge pool after, which was the perfect way to cool down. We had a great time. Would definitely recommend' ADAM CLIFTON

1. After a quick shower to rinse off the day, step into our steamy hot barrel sauna, where we would advise you to spend  no more then 10-15 minutes maximum, allowing your body to profit from the following incredible benefits…

  • Natural body detox of chemicals and heavy metals

  • Improved cardiovascular health and performance

  • Muscle pain relief

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Weight loss

  • Cellulite removal

  • Clear and glowing skin

  • Improved lung function.

  • Deep Relaxation. 

  • Better sleep

2. Follow this by a dip to our magnificent epsom salt plunge pool, in our gorgeous up cycled whisky barrel. Plunge for 5-10 seconds, or up to 3 minutes if you are more of a seasoned cold water fan. 

Cold water has become very popular in recent times and has incredible benefits not only for the body but it is amazing for your mental health.  Epsom salts have commonly been associated with stress relief, muscle relief, soothing of irritating skin conditions, such as psoriasis, as well as emotional well being.

As the magnesium from the salts are absorbed through the skin, it helps trigger the release of serotonin, a chemical compound in the brain that has been directly linked to happiness and positive feelings.

  • Fires up your lymphatic system

  • Improves circulation and heart health

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Boost your mood

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Improves circulation

Plunge if you dare

'A beautiful oasis'  


'A pocket of tranquility' CLAIRE IRELAND

'A beautiful jewel of a garden spa, full of thoughtful surprises. A perfect spot to unwind. Ive already book my next spa Journey.


'Sensate Spa is a hidden gem Nestled in a unique and tranquil setting, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of pampering and relaxation in this delightful little retreat' ALI, OLD MARKET

Had a wonderful spa journey experience Sarah…I felt super relaxed and happy after. Thank you so much for being the hostess with the mostess! The fresh fruit was a nice touch too🍊I could have sat in the hot tub and plunge pool all day.


3. As you jump(!) out of the plunge pool, full of zest and life, you will progress into our beautiful powerful cedar hot tub, specifically chosen because for its three vertical liner jets that massages the entire spinal cord. The hot tub is kept at yummy 38 degrees, so sit back and relax and enjoy the elements, whatever the season. 

Recommended time is 10 -15 mins… 


Then repeat steps 1 to 3,  2 -3 times to achieve the full Sensate Spa Journey experience and benefits.

Throughout the journey we will be on hand to serve you with a delicious selection of herbal teas, hand picked from the garden, plus a selection of healthy snacks. 

Hot tub love

Hidden Gem - Thanks to Sarah for being an amazing host at the Sensate Spa! As soon as you walk in, it's like entering a whole different world - old wooden gates, candles hanging fron trees and lots of shade from the sun make you wonder if you just stumbled across an old Italian vineyard. We had an amazing time in the hot tub and sauna and would definitely love to visit again.  LUCA BRIGHTON

'Sensate Spa Journey was the bit of luxury I thought my son and I deserved and a perfect place to catch up on the  with my son on a visit back from Uni.  We loved the Sauna and the plunge pool, well worth the money. Thank you.


Wow! What a beautiful, hidden little gem of a spa, amazed to find it there!! Absolutely loved the spa journey,  especially the plunge  barrel! It's perfect for a little R&R and wellbeing  with your mates, or even on your own! We'll be back 😁 HAZEL, SIMON,  WESTBURY ON TRYM

Very well hidden in suburban Bristol sits this little oasis.  My daughter and I enjoyed a very relaxing spa journey, enjoying the hot tub and steam cabin - my particular favourite was watching faces as we attempted the ‘freezing’ plunge pool.  Even the British weather didn’t dampen our enjoyment.  Would definitely recommend.  - EMMA SOUTHVILLE

We moved through impressive wooden doors into a secluded area with shower, sauna, hot tub and a barrel for an optional cold plunge!

Relaxing, quiet, intimate and highly recommended. A real treat for the senses. Thank you 🙏 


Ever been to a spa speakeasy? Me either! Tucked away in its own luscious garden, this is the perfect oasis for a relaxing time. It's intimate and every detail was done with sustainability in mind. Love the plunge pool!


A little haven of calm in the City - beautiful space to relax, rejuvinate and repair! I had a lovely couple of hours in the garden and spa areas and felt beautifully refreshed afterwards. The hot tub is glorious and the cold salt plunge really works well after the heat of the sauna. And if you appreciate the power of a tree, you must come and meet one of the most soulful ones right in the middle of this lovely space. 10 out of 10 for the magical space that is Sensate!


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