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Yoga Foundation Course

River Mace

11 Mar 2023

4 Weeks Yoga Foundation Course

Who is this for?

Those that wish to start yoga but don't know where to begin.

Those that have been to a few classes but felt lost or intimidated

Those that want to awaken to the wisdom of their own body. ( your body holds allll the answers!) No flexibility required! THIS IS FOR YOU.

We start in January. 

  River will be sharing from her own 10 years of study and exploration of yoga and embodied movement, the essential teachings and tools for starting a transformational yoga practice.What you will learn:

How to breathe in a way that supports health and vibrancy. The importance of your breath – its effect on your practice and body and using it as a simple way to direct prana (energy) around the body. Somatic Awareness- the felt sense of how you are in the present moment from all aspects of you… emotional, physical, mental and spiritual… and why learning your body's language is so important to your overall well-being and experience of life. The foundational shapes that make up the physical part of yoga. Sun salutations, standing shapes, twists, back bends.

You will be supported to find movement that feels easeful in your body not by strict alignment or what looks “good”. Movement is initiated from the inside out. The power of rest- Why it's so powerful to rest and the magic that can unfold in these longer pauses. The final week will be an extended class exploring the slower restorative practice of embodied Yin and yoga Nidra.  This is a four week course so please make sure you can attend all sessions as no refunds or alternative classes are available.

All mats and props will be provided, just wear something comfortable to move in.

Early Bird Price £52 Regular price £60

"I recently completed a six week block of yoga sessions taught by River, one to one in my home. River is patient, respectful and offered validation. She taught me to listen to my body and to develop a more embodied approach to yoga practice, which is both gentle and strong. River was able to adapt Asana to suit my physical and emotional requirements. The sessions were captivating and fun. I am looking forward to working with her again on the near future." Current Private Student

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