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Yoga and Nutrition 2 hr workshop

Selina Ratcliffe

2 Jul 2023

An opportunity to lift energy levels through the practice of yoga and discover healthy ways to support the body with a variety of helpful and effective nutrition ideas!

Sunday 22nd January 2023 

2pm - 4pm


Selina will take you through a sequence of uplifting yoga postures, concluding her practice with a relaxing Yoga Nidra.


Lucy will dispel confusion about healthy eating in a relaxed and interactive session.


The afternoon will include;

  • Flowing yoga sequence suitable for all

  • Guided Yoga Nidra with the seasonal theme of Rebirth

  • Simple food swaps for big changes in health and wellbeing

  • Taste testing a superfood to supercharge health in a simple way

  • An opportunity to discuss food & health issues with a registered nutritional therapist

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