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Yoga, Nutrition & Hormone Harmony Workshop Spa Day

Selina Ratcliffe

2 Jul 2023

An opportunity to lift energy levels through the practice of yoga and discover healthy ways to support the body with a variety of helpful and effective nutrition ideas!

Yoga, Nutrition & Hormone Harmony Workshop Spa Day

Sunday 2nd July 11:00 - 17:00

What's Included:

Yoga classes morning & afternoon

Positive Affirmation meditation 

Yoga Nidra

 A workshop on balancing hormones through nutrition & lifestyle

Boutique spa experience: sauna, plunge barrel & hot tub 

Delicious and wholesome plant-based lunch, treats & drinks

To find out more -

About your teachersSelina ~

Lucy ~

Opening price £99pp Full price from June 1st £110ppEmail Selina to 

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