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Rested Mamas

Carolyn Thompson

23 Apr 2023

A Spring Retreat for Mothers

You asked me for more, and here they are!

An afternoon mini-retreat for Mothers to make time and space to practice deep rest through rejuvenating spa goodness, nourishing Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, delicious treats and teas, and space and time just for YOU.

I love sharing my November weekend Rested Mama Retreats, however sometimes a whole weekend away just isn't an option. SO how about 4 hours of spaciousness for body-mind, to unplug, slow down and connect to deep restorative and energizing care?

Gather in community to explore slow self-care through:

- Slow and soothing breathwork

- Restorative Yoga to process and release stored tension

- Yoga Nidra - a laying meditation to receive deep rest -

2 hour garden spa experience through sauna, plunge barrell (optional!), and hot tub - Teas & snacks to nourish you inside and out

There is only space for 10 Mamas in this boutique Spa so this will be an intimate and cosy gathering.


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