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Partner Workshop

Emilia Gzly

22 Oct 2023

‘Without relationship, there is no existence: To Be is to be related.’

‘ The highest form of bliss is living with a certain degree of folly’ Erasmus 

‘Without relationship, there is no existence: To Be is to be related.’ 

J. Krishnamurti

Emilia will show you ways to connect with your ‘partner yoga’ buddy using respectful gentle touch, breath, each other’s body to balance the asanas & the partnership - to cultivate a peaceful, clear and creatively curious mind. Some postures challenge your balance, strength and flexibility, while others address trust and communication. Some feel so goofy you’ll fall to the ground laughing, while others bring up such profound feelings they might make you shed a tear or two. 

In the culture driven for independence & deprived of healthy touch this lighthearted afternoon gives the body a chance to relax and open. It also gives the heart to feel alive and connected in creative and playful way in a community of like minded people. 

The famous psychologist Carl Jung once said, ‘ Like any chemical reaction, when two things make contact, both are transformed’.

This workshops promotes less serious approach to yoga and is done in pairs, it will however leave you opened and stretched far deeper than your average yoga class, your belly possibly sore from laughter and a feeling of profound nourishment and connection with oneself and one another. 

Singles, friends and couples welcome. No experience nor flexibility necessary :-) 

Price: £25 /£20 concession 

Combine with morning Mindful Yin Yoga workshop: £60/£55 concession 

Booking: Emilia 07821584532


Or txt for bank details transfer 

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