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Mini Retreat

River Mace

15 Oct 2023

Fire & Water Retreat

A journey from Yang to Yin...​​YANG An invigorating fire practice to move energy and release some feel good endorphins. We will  shake away the cob webs, build some heat in the body and find joy and freedom as we explore new movement patterns in the body.​YIN the second half of the class we will be moving with the water element closer to the ground, pausing for longer in shapes supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets. Eventually landing into a cocoon of supported rest with (optional) essential oil head massage.​ After the class you can float into the garden spa for a sauna, jacuzzi and cold plunge. A full body immersion into the fire and water elements. Complete rejuvenation.

Wholesome snacks will be provided as you catch the evening light and unwind in good company.



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