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Art workshop, Yoga & Spa

Kerry Harrison

26 Mar 2023

Art, Journalling, Yoga &S pa

Love the idea of a retreat, but can’t make a full weekend work?Join us for a creative, restful mini retreat at the beautiful Sensate Spa in Bristol.

Leave the to-do list, check out from responsibilities and give yourself four blissful hours to unwind, get creative, move your body and rest.

During the retreat you can enjoy:

  • A gentle flow yoga class to move, stretch and release stress

  • A short guided journaling session to set intentions for the new spring season

  • A fun, creative mindfulness exercise

  • A 2-hour spa, including sauna, hot tub and a plunge barrel (if you’re feeling brave)

  • A restorative yoga class, to ease into a state of rest.

  • Tea, coffee and snacks to keep us fuelled

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